Truck Financing Tips – How to Get Truck Finance And Truck Loans

Truck Financing Tips

George Morfoulis

We will cover the choices you have for truck financing, what really establish the interest rate you get, and how to find out if you are getting the best rate and how to watch out for lending scams.

If you’re like most business owners, buying a new truck and paying for it by cash just isn’t going to be possible.

Even though some businesses do have a substantial amount of cash, most business owners do not want to use their savings just to buy a new truck or equipment for their business.

While truck leasing is a great option, this article, is focused on truck loans.

If you are about to finance an equipment or a truck for your business rather than pay cash, do your research and groundwork and get the best financing deal.

If you have the cash to pay for a truck outright, consider if this is the right thing to do and if it is in fact in the best interest of your current and future business.

It doesn’t matter what special offer you get from the lenders, always shop around and bargain hard.

Use the internet to research loans and find out the most competitive deals.

There are various ways on how to get truck finance

1. Truck Finance Through Dealership

Getting truck finance through a truck dealership is quick and easy however it is high pressure and there is a lot of sales push involved.

2. Truck Finance Through an Equipment Finance Broker

Getting truck finance through a Finance broker is always a traditional option. They offer competitive rates with no sales pressure to customers. The banks can also offer a variety of finance options and offers insurances and is usually set up as a simple loan. The banks may not be as convenient as the dealership.

3. Truck Finance Through Online Lenders

Some online lenders advertise the lending process to be quick easy and fast but be aware of online services. Some online lenders do not offer a personal service and the risk of dealing with the unknown is a scam to watch out for.

4. Truck Finance from Family or Friend

This is an option not many of us have but if you do, this is an easy and fast solution with terms agreed upon by both parties. However it could jeopardise your relationship

Determining the Truck Loan Rates

One thing that has a vital affect on the interest rate you get is term of your loan in other words the length of the loan.

On average, the longer the loan term is, the higher the interest rate will be.

However the shorter the term of your loan is, the higher your payments will be.

Double check your loan contract, resist the temptation in signing until you’re satisfied that everything is in order.

Check if the interest rate you are agreeing to will not change and ask about loan penalties.

Remember you may get a low repayment, but think about how long it will take you to pay.

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