Should You Sell Your Old Truck and Get a New One?

should you sell old truck

George Morfoulis

Is your old truck’s performance letting you down and affecting your work? Do you visit the workshop more often than you’d like? Maybe it’s about time to think about the real cost of hanging onto that old truck and decide if you should sell it and get a new one!

Letting go of your old truck might be hard, especially if it’s been searing you well for a number of years.. Saying goodbye to an old friend is never easy.

Perhaps it’s about time to part ways with the old truck and consider getting a new one.

There are several things that you may want to consider before deciding since it involves a pretty substantial amount of Investment.

Old Truck VS Brand New Truck

Old Truck

Even if you’ve taken good care of your new truck, it won’t remain new forever and as your truck age, its value decreases. The older it gets, the more frequent you need to maintain it.

Maintaining an old truck won’t just cost you money but will also cost you your time. You have to spend time driving your truck to repair shops and you have to go without it which means you will miss a day’s work or two depending on how long it will take to be repaired.

It’s a hassle! You’ll lose a day’s worth of income from that.

Keeping an old truck may save you a lot of money by not buying a new one but eventually, the money you saved from that will be spent on maintenance of your old truck.

While it seems financially practical to keep an old truck, it is not. Your maintenance bill may be filed up over time without you even realizing it.

Unlike if you buy a new truck where you are free from stress, and hassle, you also saved money and time in visiting a repair shop.

When to sell your Old Truck?

  • It needs repair every now and then
  • Warranty is mostly expired
  • The truck is slowing you down at work
  • The repair cost is becoming more expensive than the return performance of the truck at work
  • Old trucks do not have the safety features that exist with the new trucks
  • Buying a new truck is cheaper than the overall cost of repairing your old truck
  • Old trucks consume more gas
  • Expenses in operating a truck increases

Should You Sell Your Old Truck and Get a New One?

Buying a new truck could be more affordable than your frequent visit to repair shops with your old trucks. Plus, it comes with a warranty that could cover the unexpected repair cost for its first three years.

You won’t have to worry about spending a penny when there is an unexpected problem with your truck.

Purchasing a new truck means keeping you updated with the trends and having its latest technology, especially its safety features that old trucks do not have.

Therefore, the cost of maintaining a new truck is cheaper than maintaining an old truck.

Aside from its brand new feels, working with a new truck will make you feel motivated. Thus, you will be more effective and productive at work.

Operating an old truck will make you worried all the time about the truck breaking down versus operating a new truck that helps keep your mind at ease from unexpected problems making you work efficiently.

Buying a new Truck

  • It comes with a warranty and guarantees
  • It saves you time and money compared to old trucks coming back and forth to repair shops
  • Updated safety features and engineered for the safety of the truck operators and its passengers if there’s one
  • New trucks mean greater access to updated features from the manufacturer
  • It tends to have better fuel efficiency
  • It is easier to maintain a new truck than an old truck
  • Reliable
  • Durable

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