Finding Business Success In Computer Equipment Finance

Success In Computer Equipment Finance

George Morfoulis

Modern technology will continue to impact retailers when it comes to creating a dynamic environment for customers.

With consumers in mind there is great interest in mobile technology.

Often we think customers only refer to their mobile phones to make a phone call but it is now often used to seek advice about a product from family and friend by taking pictures for feedback, seek coupons for immediate store discount or searching for a product review online.

Competitive shopping exists on mobile technology.

Never lose sight that shopping is a sport for many consumers.

Just as in competitive football or any other sport shopping offers the chance for business owners to win or lose when it comes to attracting and keeping customers attention.

Connecting with shoppers online is essential to the success of today’s modern business.

Shoppers today are engrossed in the digital world making your business visibility possible with only a few simple clicks.

Of course if your business is not online then your business will miss out on these opportunities.

By now you would have realised how much you need computer equipment finance to manage and market your business.

The first step you should do before approaching your bank for a computer equipment finance loan is to gather current cash flow data.

This involves knowing all sources of cash inflow and outflow.

Successful completion of this step will help you develop a complete understanding of where money is coming from and where it is going.

It is Vital to Making Decisions About Business Financing

When gathering income you should consider:

  • Explore all possible sources
  • Verify all your sources from income tax returns for the past 3 years
  • Subtotal the amounts for ease of use and subsequently include in a cash flow statement

Using computer equipment finance may be an important tool for you and it does have its advantages.

For starters it allows you as a business to purchase computer and IT equipment on sale and pay for several items in one purchase, use computer and IT equipment even before they are paid for.

Obtaining credit or borrowing money will also help establish good credit rating and more favourable terms and rates in the future.

In general you can use equipment finance for large purchases.

However debt has disadvantages, entering into debt requires the payment of interest which increases the cost of obtaining the item and it also requires regular periodic repayments.

With the economy regularly fluctuating and the banks are toughening up credit borrowings requirements it is important to determine what your comfort level is when it comes to repayments.

Also remember that credit costs, as there is no such thing as free or cheap in the financial industry.

Always know what you are paying for ahead of time and ask for an itemised list of fees and charges.

Shop around lenders.

It’s really no different to shopping for a car or a dress and fortunately there are laws in place to assist business owners.

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