Do I Have to Sell My Truck If I File for Bankruptcy?

George Morfoulis

When money problems get really big, and you can’t pay back what you owe, you might think about going bankrupt.

This is a big step that helps you deal with debts, but it can also mean you have to give up some of your things. A lot of people worry about their truck or car because they need it to get around or for work. Let’s talk about what happens in Australia if you declare bankruptcy and have a truck.

What Bankruptcy Means in Australia?

Bankruptcy is when the law allows you to say you can’t pay your debts, giving you a chance to start over. But it also means the government will look at what you own, like your truck, to see if it can be sold to help pay your debts.

Your Things and Bankruptcy

When you go bankrupt, not everything you own will be taken away. Some things you can keep because they’re needed for basic living or work. We’ll see how this works for trucks.

Can You Keep Your Truck?

  • How Much Your Truck Is Worth: There’s a rule about how much your truck (or any vehicle) can be worth before you have to sell it.If your truck isn’t worth more than a certain amount, you might be able to keep it.
  • Using Your Truck for Work: If you use your truck for work, like if you’re a tradesperson or need it for your job, there are special rules. You might be able to keep it even if it’s worth more, but there are limits.

Important Things to Know

  • Value Matters: It’s all about how much your truck is worth and how much you owe on it. If what you owe is less than the truck’s value, you might be in luck and get to keep it.
  • Work Trucks: If your truck is a tool for your job, it might be protected. This means you can keep it because it helps you make a living.

Getting Through Bankruptcy with Your Truck


  • Ask for Advice: Talking to someone who knows a lot about bankruptcy can make a big difference. They can tell you if you can keep your truck and what steps to take.
  • Plan Ahead: Sometimes, there are ways to deal with your debts without losing important things like your truck. An expert can help you find these ways.

Wrapping Up

Going bankrupt in Australia doesn’t automatically mean you’ll lose your truck. The value of your truck and how you use it play crucial roles in this decision. If keeping your truck is important to you, there might be ways to manage your bankruptcy to allow this, depending on your circumstances.

A Little Extra Help

When navigating through the complexities of bankruptcy, professional guidance is invaluable.

This is where organizations like AGM Finance come into play.

AGM Finance is a leading financial service provider in Australia, known for offering expert advice and solutions tailored to individuals and businesses facing financial challenges, including those considering bankruptcy.

By consulting with a financial advisor or specialist at AGM Finance, you can explore all your options, including how to manage your debts and assets like trucks in a way that aligns with your needs and legal requirements.

AGM Finance’s expertise can help you understand the intricacies of bankruptcy laws in Australia and guide you towards making informed decisions that best suit your financial situation.

Why This Matters

For many Australians, a truck is more than just a vehicle; it’s a lifeline for their livelihood or a crucial part of their daily life.

Navigating bankruptcy with a clear understanding of your rights and options can significantly reduce stress and provide a clearer path forward.

Understanding your situation with the help of professionals like those at AGM Finance can make a big difference in your bankruptcy process, especially regarding key assets like your truck.

This simple guide is designed to shed light on the complexities of bankruptcy and the potential impact on your assets, but always remember, personalized advice from financial experts is crucial in navigating your unique circumstances effectively.


Bankruptcy offers a chance for a fresh start, and with the right guidance and strategic planning, including the support from organizations like AGM Finance, you can navigate this challenging time with more confidence and clarity, ensuring you make the best decisions for your future.

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